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Colleen Babcock, Program Director  (716) 907-2985

Parent & Family Support Coordinator Horizon Health Services


Dr, Stephanie Pautler-Bea, Project Coordinator (716) 902-5261

Pautler Chiropractic & Wellness


Chad Bea

NYS Police


Cindy & Jeff Bea, Secretary   (Retired)


Colleen Pautler, Jackie Bailey

Treasurer Alden State Bank


Justin Chernogorec

National guard counter Drug Task Force


Greg Kent

Erie County Sheriff Dept.


Jessica Sherman Hutchings  (716) 827-9462     (Retired)

Kids Escaping Drugs Face to Face Program Director


Michael Manicki

Alden Village Mayor


Judy Baumgartner   (Retired)

Alden High School Social Worker


Teri Hoerner


Wendy Smosna



Who are we?
We are your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, co-workers, employees, teachers...
We are the members of your community who want to help everyone be aware
The last 10 years have marked tremendous change in our Country.
The prescription epidemic has changed the face of addiction in our Country and in our own community. 
Things many once believed about youth experimentation being a right of passage to maturity, is now playing a much darker role in the lives of our young adult population.
Although no one ever thinks it could happen to them, everyday 120 people die of an accidental prescription drug overdose.   The loss of life over the past 10 years has increase 600%.  Our community has not escaped this horrific epidemic. Our youth are paying the ultimate price.
In light of these facts we have come together from all walks to help raise awareness, provide resources and education, offer fun alcohol free events for families to enjoy.......And most importantly give guidance compassion and understanding to those families needing help. 
Please do not let the stigma of substance abuse and addiction keep you from reaching out for help......the pain of embarrassment is nothing compared to the pain of burying your loved one.  (Avi Israel Save the Michaels of the World)
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